April News Vol. 2 

We shot the video for one of the songs from our new album! The song is Love On This Island. It's the first song I wrote for the new album. When I wrote it, I assumed I would be doing another solo record. I didn't mind that so much, but it was starting to feel stale and kind of 'been there, done that' and I didn't know if I had that much more to say. So after I finished the song, I asked Chris (just for fun) to sing the verses for me. He'd heard the song a few times while I was writing it, and from the very first line he sang I knew that it was far beyond anything I could do on my own. That was the day we became a duo. And my goodness, I am thankful.

Our friend Mark Little, from Sunbird Studios, met up with us at Chris' parents house the first weekend in April. The Taylors have a lovely Albin boat and Chris' dad, Tim, offered to take Mark and Chris out into the harbor so they could shoot for the video. It was very, very foggy. I don't think there were any fishermen in Destin that day who were pleased with the weather. We couldn't have been happier. The gorgeous fog stayed low all morning long, and then lifted just enough for us to finish shooting down at the east jetty.

We'll be posting the video very soon! I'll let you know as soon as we do. 

April News Vol.1 

Hello friends....hello Spring....welcome in! 

(Every day when Chris comes home from work, our daughter Mercie shouts, "WELCOME IN!" 
I'm likely to open the window in the same joyful spirit, but our neighbors are really close
Maybe I'll walk outside and welcome the new season politely, in my inside voice.)

Well, we are getting closer to our May 27th release date. We'll be working on the first video for the album this weekend. Mark Little of Sunbird Studios will be filming for a song called Love On This Island. I'll be updating you via Twitter and Facebook, so follow us if you haven't already!

Here's a video we filmed in our living room last week. I remember wandering around Kmart with my mom when I was little; this song came on and I fell in love with it immediately. Sweet Kenny and lovely Dolly.


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